Rishi’s Leaving Do

Hello there… we are playing the official leaving do for Rishi Sunak on Thursday 4th July at The Ferret in Preston.
It’s probably free entry and starts at 7.
There will be SKY TV on the screens for those who can’t afford it, FREE RAIN outside for any announcements you want to make and a special appearance by Tony Blair, plus some other stuff we made up.

Stall by NOT ESSENTIAL for any sweet merch you want (we didn’t make this one up)

See ya there xxxx


Blackpool Gig

Heyyooohhh – we are returning to Blackpool for the first time since ending it all there two years ago in May.
We’ll be playing Bootleg Social on Friday 17th July.
We’ll be playing with the super smashing great Killbox and the wonderful Vee VV.
It’s free entry so just walk in, starts about 7



CANCELLED (not us, an event tonight)

Sorry but due to things we can’t control tonight has been called off.

Maybe the venue thought they had booked the ‘Those Fucking Snowflakes’ K-Pop band from Seoul and not the shit one from England, can’t blame them.

Anyway sorry, those two people that bought tickets can get their money back though.

We ARE coming back to the life next month though for something special, if you can guess the date you get a free sticker (only if you turn up though I’m not fucking posting it)



Just in time for the elections, TFS return with a new line-up, less wigs and sassier outlook. Playing songs old and old, possibly a new one if they can get it sounding okay

Performing at The New Continental in Preston supporting Utopia, tickets and details on the link below.

Thank you


new song out

Constant Fear of Everything Cover

We released an old new song ‘Constant Fear of everything’ was recorded in 2022 at the same time as ‘That’s Pretty Shitty Priti’ – head over to the music page to listen now.



It was decided the world could not cope without the musical entitiy known as Those Fucking Snowflakes – so it’s being re-assembled and re-animated in Preston, see you soon chums x



Hello, we are playing our first gig of 2022 at The Ferret in Preston tomorrow (Fri 14th Jan) with Pike and Litterbug – starts at 7pm

We won’t be playing the Ilfracombe Punk Festival in Feb as it was sadly cancelled.

We’ll be spending most of this year writing and recording so catch us live whilst you can.

Our next song should eb released around spring, it’s called ‘That’s Pretty Shitty Priti’ and is being mixed at the moment



vinyl available now

Those Fuckign Snowflakes - Everything Is Absolutely Fkkkkkkd - yellow vinyl
After a short delay our third EP is now available on vinyl from Louder Than War Records, over half the copies have sold out so grab one quick if you want it. If you don’t want it that’s fine.

Buy direct from Louder Than War Records
(buy Friday 5th May for Bandcamp Friday)

Buy from Norman Records

Buy from Picadilly Records

Buy from Rough Trade Records

Buy from Banquet Records

Buy from Juno Records

Buy from Horizons Music


everything is absolutely fkkkkkkd

Everything Is Absolutely Fkkkkkkd

Everything Is Absolutely Fkkkkkkd, our new six track EP is out digitally today.

The vinyl version has been delayed due to Boris Johnson being a fucking clown but you can stream or download it today


Louder Than War (+ Vinyl Pre-order)


Apple Music, iTunes or whatever it’s called

Norman Records (Vinyl Pre-order)

Youtube Music


Or just check whatever service you prefer.
Tell all ya’ pals.
Thank you


new video

Those Fucking Snowflakes - By The Power of Barnard Castle

We made a video for the song ‘By The Power Of Barnard Castle’ – the video follows Dominic Cummings trip to Barnard Castle during Lockdown 2020 (TM) alongside his attorney.

Watch the video below

It’s taken from our forthcoming EP ‘Everything Is Absolutely Fkkkkkkd’ which we have been banging on and fucking on about for ages, I’d post the pre-order links here but you can just scroll down for all that shit.

Big thanks to Jamie and Luke from the band ‘Black Eddy’ for playing Dom and the Attorney. Ross from ‘Oceans Over Alderaan’ for reprising his Hugh Grant role from our ‘Vegan Sausage Rolls vs Gammon Faced Vampires’ video and to Alysia and Joel. Thanks to John and Phil from Louder Than War records for putting our music out.